Carabiners could be small, but they've got an extraordinary responsibility.

The carabiner’s true functionality is on full display during a variety of outdoor sports. If you’ve never had the chance to use one, things can get pretty confusing. Is it for climbing? For hanging on? For attaching things? For holding your water bottle? The answer is YES, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. 


What is a CARABINER?


At Trimmers, we recently have only wire carabiners. It is a tool that the locking mechanism is a wire loop that usually hooks onto the nose of the carabiner. The locking or closure mechanism on every carabiner is meant to allow for things to be attached to it without the fear of them coming off.  These carabiners are meant to be convenient devices for keychains, water bottles and minor household uses. They can be great for car campers in a pinch who need to hook a rain tarp to their shelter or for tenters needing a way to carry all of their gear, but they’re not ideal for holding much more than your supplies. However, they aren’t safe enough to hold your body weight. Therefore, these kinds of carabiner should never be used for heavy outdoor activities such as climbing, and jobs in an industrial setting. That said, keychain carabiners can be a fun way to carry the outdoors with you wherever you go, and they can be used in a variety of low-stakes situations to make things easier.


How to choose a good wire carabiner?

Carabiners should be made from aircraft grade aluminum, which gives the lightweight, high strength and resistance to corrosion. 

100% of carabiners, and hardware components manufactured by TRIMMERS are produced in Binh Duong, Vietnam. It is extremely important for us to ensure local jobs, and to conserve the environment. 

New carabiners shouldn’t have any sharp corners or edges: These will damage any textile parts of your gear, just like sharp rock can damage your rope. The smoother the surface, the better for the material.  

All of our aluminum carabiners are anodized for increased durability. This is done by placing the carabiners in an anodizing bath containing sulfuric acid. Applying a current to the bath results in a chemical reaction in the aluminum of the carabiner. The outermost layer of aluminum will oxidize, making it especially robust against scratches as well as protecting the carabiner from corrosion. The anodization of the entire product palette is also carried out completely in Vietnam. 



General speaking, Trimmers offer high quality wire carabiners, multi-tool carabiners, and even custom carabiner designs for customers. So, whether you need product development, custom component design, prototyping, or more special works we - TRIMMERS are here to support you!